Quick Answers To The Most Common Questions

Questions to ask your contractor:

I’ve googled contractors and renovators and many of them offered me a free estimate...why can’t you offer me one?

Here’s the breakdown on what other renovators will “estimate” for you on some common projects:
Kitchen Renovations can start as low as $10,000 and run well over $50,000. Bathrooms can be budget friendly at $4,000 and climb into $12,000 and up.
Basements are usually “estimated” on a square footage basis from $35 per square foot and keep going to $100 plus per square foot.

Now that we’ve saved you some time, it doesn’t seem very helpful does it? Neither is getting a “free estimate”. The fact is that without proper planning and design there is very little chance that anyone offering you a “free estimate” is going to meet your expectations after your contract is signed. This is where we are different. We do not do “free estimates”...we do “quotes”. You will be guided through the planning and design aspects of your project, then you will receive a “quote”...that way you actually know the cost of your project and do not waste your valuable time rooting through estimates from a bunch of different contractors based on ballpark numbers that anyone can ramble off. Save yourself some time and effort...and let’s get real.

I’ve spoken to other contractors and they assure me that my daily routine will not be impacted and my house will be perfectly clean throughout the entire process. Can you assure me this same level of service?

No. This is not how a real renovation plays out. If somebody is telling you this they are going to disappoint you. There are smaller projects that this promise may ring true for, but any project that involves any sort of demolition, drywall removal or repair, wood working, painting, flooring, etc... will cause noise and dust, so it is best to prepare yourself for this daily impact on your life and avoid the disappointment from a renovator who is trying to assure you otherwise to get your signature on a contract..

Does Contempo take on all projects?

No. Although Contempo loves to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes, we are unique in the sense that we are “realists” and that doesn’t always work for certain clients...and that’s okay. We are a small company that provides hands-on project management by a proven professional...not an employee that is training to someday become one. We will be honest, tell you how it is, and always have that approach with every client. If we feel like we are not going to “gel” we will happily recommend other contractors that may be a better fit for you.

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Questions to ask yourself:

What is my budget?

This is one of the first questions that any reputable contractor will ask you during your first consultation. You need to be prepared to answer this question, so before searching for your contractor we highly recommend establishing what your budgetary needs and requirements are beforehand. It is important that the viability of your project be discussed right off the bat...any other way is putting the cart before the horse.

What is my style?

There is no wrong answer to this question. Modern, traditional, contemporary, transitional, industrial...everyone has their own preference and that’s what makes renovating so fun!!! We are open to any style that you may be considering.

Am I ready to deal with the controlled chaos that a renovation will bring to my home?

That’s up to you. Not everyone is cut out for eating their dinner on the bedroom floor, blowing drywall dust out of their coffee cup in the morning, or parking on the street while a garbage bin is taking up their favourite driveway spot. It is not everyone’s cup-o-tea that’s for sure. You need to ask yourself this before getting yourself into a situation you are not comfortable in. Sometimes the answer for people who are not comfortable in this type of environment is to relocate for the duration of the project, but for most people...you just need to grin and bear it...it is all worth it!!!

FAQ Contempo Custom Design

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